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How a Vehicle Count Management System Can Boost Your Profits


If you drive a car, you more than likely have experienced the classic problem of trying to find a place to park your car at least once in your life. In fact, the monotony and stress of driving around searching for a parking space can easily be described as a car park hell. Not is it only extremely stressful, it's also very costly. According to the research conducted by the British Parking Association, the average driver in the UK spends nearly 91 hours a year looking for parking spaces. That equals 4 days a year that could be spent on something more enjoyable! This is where a Vehicle Count Management System can help.

Businesses and organisations have to bear the brunt of parking hell, as more and more drivers choose to avoid driving to shops, hotels, restaurants and other venues due to the problems of finding a parking space.

It is a never-ending circle of frustrations, where on one hand, motorists that do arrive at the venue, become easily annoyed and frustrated by car parks that are difficult to navigate, circling around a car park only to find out that there are no spaces left to park, and not being able to easily navigate pay and display machines. And on the other hand, up to 40% of drivers choose to avoid going to the venue altogether. That’s 40% of potential customers lost just because of inefficient parking!

With the rising costs of land on which car parks are situated, organisations need to make the most efficient use of the parking space available. By doing so, not will they only be able to improve customer satisfaction and increase visitor numbers, but they might also turn it into a competitive advantage! Below we discuss key solutions that will enable you to do just that…


1. Standalone Vehicle Count Management System

Nortech’s standalone vehicle counting system monitors the availability of free parking spaces in one or two car parks and provides information to the customers as they arrive using bright, elegant parking display signs. This standalone system includes a controller and full-colour message signs. 




The most common application for the standalone solution is a single car park with one or more entrances and exits where vehicles are counted as they arrive and leave.

Vehicle movements are monitored by using vehicle detectors to detect and determine the direction of vehicles as they flow through the various access points to the car park. This system also takes into account circulating vehicles as well as those in parking bays. In premises where access control and barriers are used, the controller can also prevent vehicles from entering when the car park is full.

This is a cost-effective solution for hotel parking, small commercial car parks, schools and colleges, or hospitals and clinics.

But what if you need a more complex solution? Well, we’ve got you covered!


2. NorParc - PC-based Car Park Count Management System

Many organisations and companies have their parking facilities spread out over several car parks or compounds around their premises. As a result, a lot of drivers get confused when they arrive and try to find the right parking space. We provide a solution that helps both employees and visitors identify the correct car park(s) to use and to quickly locate a car park with available spaces.




Our NorParc count management system works in combination with a range of vehicle detection and counting products, providing seamless guidance to customers as they arrive in search of available spaces.

Vehicles are counted as they arrive and leave each parking compound, as well as when they pass between adjacent compounds (where there is a direct gate/lane linking them). The information is processed by the PC-based software providing a live summary of the available spaces.



In turn, parking guidance signs provide a display of the current availability in each section of the car park and guide visitors towards free spaces with directional arrows. The multi-level signs on the other hand provide a summary of spaces in each car park for drivers arriving at the entrance(s), and single-level signs may be installed at individual car park entrances.


This is an ideal solution for corporate sites with multiple parking compounds, university campuses with distributed student parking, and large car parks with multiple entrances and exits.


Benefits of a Parking Space Management System

Whether you choose a standalone or a more complex management system, here are some of the benefits you can expect from implementing a more efficient parking management solution:

  • Reduce pollution and minimise congestion;

  • Easy to install control system;

  • Improve customer experience;

  • Increase visitor numbers;

  • Gain a competitive advantage;

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