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Best Access Control System for Warehouses (& 4 Key Considerations)

In most peoples’ minds, a warehouse is often a dusty room full of boxes, pallets and mice, that is patrolled by one security guard a few days away from retiring. This is an outdated stereotype and a

Best Access Control System for Offices (& 5 Key Considerations)

When it comes to workplace security we all have a different picture that comes to mind, maybe it's the security guard you greet every morning at the front gate, CCTV cameras in the car park, the

Best Access Control System for Gyms (& 5 Key Considerations)

The last time you went to the gym or fitness centre you may not have thought that it looked much different than the last few decades.

How Much Does an ANPR System Cost? (2022 Guide)

When it comes to vehicle access control solutions, ANPR is rapidly becoming one of the most popular options to businesses across the UK and the world. 

How Does Access Control for Schools Work? (Simple Guide)

As the technology we deploy changes and the security methods are updated, the educational sector needs to get on board with the shift towards the future. As a whole, schools often deploy outdated

How Does Car Park Security Work? (Simple Guide)

When it comes to car parks, we often overlook the types of technology that can be utilised in keeping that location secure and controlled.

Norpass vs. Standard Access Control Software (5 Key Differences)

Deciding on the best access control software for your specific security application can lead to some tough decisions. 

How Does Anti Passback Work? (Simple Guide)

You have probably encountered one of these systems without knowing you have, as they are fairly common within the world of security, with a lot of companies utilising anti passback technology. 

How Does RFID in Manufacturing Work? (Simple Guide)

Over the last decade or so, the growth of RFID technology has been exponential, from the wider availability of the technology to the better reliability, to prices decreasing there has been a big

How Does ANPR for Barriers Work? (Simple Guide)

It is fairly likely that you have come across ANPR Barrier technology in the past, but you probably did not even think about it. ANPR is frequently used in car parks and other controlled environments.

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