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NFC Access Control: Quick Guide

NFC-enabled solutions are quickly emerging as a universal standard in access control, due to its ability to operate on low frequency, proximity distances and provide selective access to the

5 Benefits of Gym Access Control

For many people gym is a sacred place where one can forget his worries of the day, relieve stress and connect with likeminded people. In order to provide this safe haven for fitness enthusiasts,

NFC vs. Bluetooth: What is the difference?

Nowadays numerous technological trends are fuelling a digital revolution in various industries, and access control is no exception. More and more wireless technologies are appearing in the

RFID vs. NFC: What is the difference?

Choosing the right access control system for your unique needs can be a tough task. You’re often presented with myriads of options and technologies to choose from. On top of that, all the acronyms

Improve Care Home Safety and Security

Often spread over large premises, housing expensive equipment and with a high number of visitors accessing the site every day, care homes face numerous threats. Care home safety and security is a

The Evolution of Identity Credentials

Amer Hafiz, Technical Director at Nortech Control Systems, Reviews The Evolution Of Identity Credentials In Access Control

Guide to Key fob Entry Systems & their Industrial Uses

Electronic key fobs are increasing in popularity not just for commercial premises, but for a wide variety of buildings, including blocks of flats and single domestic residences where they offer a 

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