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How Long-Range Access Control Can Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Healthcare facilities such as care homes, hospitals and private clinics are working tirelessly to manage the spread of COVID-19 within their facilities and keep their staff and patients safe. The

How a Vehicle Count Management System Can Boost Your Profits

If you drive a car, you more than likely have experienced the classic problem of trying to find a place to park your car at least once in your life. In fact, the monotony and stress of driving

How Efficient Parking Reduces the Impact on the Environment

For many drivers, the search for parking space is a stressful exercise filled with frustration and needless waste of time and money. According to the research conducted by the British Parking

Improve Care Home Safety and Security

Often spread over large premises, housing expensive equipment and with a high number of visitors accessing the site every day, care homes face numerous threats. Care home safety and security is a

The Evolution of Identity Credentials

Amer Hafiz, Technical Director at Nortech Control Systems, Reviews The Evolution Of Identity Credentials In Access Control

5 Key Benefits of Bicycle Number Plates

Riding bikes has been shown to bring many health benefits such as promoting a longer lifespan by lowering the risk of heart disease, reducing the risk of cancer, and enhancing productivity and

Dual ID in the Workplace

There is no doubt that the invention of forklift trucks has helped change the design of modern warehouses and factories. 

The Importance of ANPR in Keeping Business Secure

ANPR systems offer a powerful and cost effective method of controlled access or monitoring vehicle movements across a broad range of applications.

Guide to Key fob Entry Systems & their Industrial Uses

Electronic key fobs are increasing in popularity not just for commercial premises, but for a wide variety of buildings, including blocks of flats and single domestic residences where they offer a 

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