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How Does RFID Technology Work?

In the past few years, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has become a widespread technology in the security industry.

6 Differences Between RFID Tags And QR Codes (Simple Guide)

As the security industry evolves, we see more and more technologies either become increasingly prevalent or fade into obscurity. 

How To Install Access Control? (6 Step Guide)

Before you start installing an Access Control system it is best to understand the basics. First, you will need to make a few decisions that will help you pick the right solution for you and your

How Does Wiegand Access Control Work? (Simple Guide)

The security industry is forever adapting, evolving, and changing. This means that we have to do the same or risk being left behind, but with so many terms and types, it can be easy to get lost.

How Does Biometric Access Control Work? (Simple Guide)

As technology becomes more advanced, so must all facets of our lives, from paying contactless at a shop to unlocking our phones with just our face, or opening a door with a key fob.

How Does Physical Access Control Work? (Simple Guide)

Security as an industry will always be evolving, as criminals get smarter, or threats become more apparent, companies will pivot, evolve, and adapt their practices to keep their premises secure.

How Does Key Fob Access Control Work? (Simple Guide)

In recent years business has changed dramatically but keeping your sites, people, and vehicles safe will always be a priority to any company. 

How Do Smart Card Readers Work?

Simply stated, a smart card reader is a device that is used to read, process, and transact the information stored on a smart card.

How Does Proximity Access Control Work?

With everything that is happening in the world, a rise in theft, burglaries and other disturbances are on the rise.

What Is RFID Access Control And How Does It Work?

The future of RFID technology is growing and expanding as more industries and organisations are incorporating this technology.

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