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Norpass vs. Standard Access Control Software (5 Key Differences)

Deciding on the best access control software for your specific security application can lead to some tough decisions. 

How Does Anti Passback Work? (Simple Guide)

You have probably encountered one of these systems without knowing you have, as they are fairly common within the world of security, with a lot of companies utilising anti passback technology. 

How Does RFID in Manufacturing Work? (Simple Guide)

Over the last decade or so, the growth of RFID technology has been exponential, from the wider availability of the technology to the better reliability, to prices decreasing there has been a big

How Does ANPR for Barriers Work? (Simple Guide)

It is fairly likely that you have come across ANPR Barrier technology in the past, but you probably did not even think about it. ANPR is frequently used in car parks and other controlled

How Does ANPR for Gates Work? (Simple Guide)

Using technology to help both the user and the company deploying is nothing new. In fact, it is the crux of why we develop new software and devices. 

How Does RFID Asset Management Work? (Simple Guide)

Keeping track of changes in the security or logistics industry can be tricky. With the speed technology moves and the updates to the industry as a whole you can be left behind if you are not

How Do NFC Readers Work? (Simple Guide)

The way we do business and the technology we use as a customer or consumer has been evolving a lot in recent years with massive developments. 

How Do Hotel Key Cards Work? (Simple Guide)

If you think about the last time you were in a hotel, it is fairly likely that you did not use a traditional key; Instead, you were given a digital key that resembled a credit card.

How Do Variable Message Signs Work? (Simple Guide)

Security can feel like an overly complicated industry, and within that, you have the wide world of access control, which in itself is a separate beast entirely.

How Do Parking Guidance Systems Work? (Simple Guide)

There are a lot of things we never thought would be needed at certain points in time, but now cannot fathom our lives without. Some things make our lives easier, and some remove problems we never

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